MEGGLE yoghurt

MEGGLE yogurts are an indispensable part of breakfast, a great snack and an ideal addition to dinner, or just “dinner” itself.
With MEGGLE classic solid and liquid yogurts, we went a step further and enriched them with valuable crops, fruits and prepared a special line called MEGGLE yogurt CHIA.

Liquid yoghurt

The best of MEGGLE yogurts for those who want to enjoy them on the go. This refreshing milk drink goes perfectly with a lighter meal, but you won't go wrong if you decide to enjoy its taste exclusively.

Yoghurt chia

MEGGLE yogurt CHIA is a real revolution among yogurts.
MEGGLE low-fat yogurt joined forces with chia - the queen of superfoods - and this is how this super-yogurt was created.
All the nutritional values ​​provided by yogurt, chia seeds have been enriched with additional nutritional values. There is an abundance of fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and natural antioxidants.
MEGGLE Chia yogurt offers four irresistible fruit flavours and comes in a practical package in a 330 g PET bottle to be on hand at every opportunity.
You can choose MEGGLE CHIA yogurt in a bottle in four flavours: apple - banana - spinach, black currant - blueberry, forest fruit - acerola and pineapple - mango - orange.

MEGGLE yogurt CHIA is a real revolution
Taste it, it's great!