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Meggle Croatia now is one of the three most important dairies in our country. In just 20 years of doing business in Croatia, we have succeeded in gaining the trust of a growing number of customers, and accordingly from day to day our responsibility increases, as does our satisfaction.

At the core of the Meggle company is constant innovation that has won the hearts of our customers. Our desire is to produce small, everyday pleasures and flavours that are dear to our local population. That is why we listen to the wishes of consumers, respond by improving the quality and packaging of products, and create completely new products for the market.

This job is full of challenges, but we know how to do it and absolutely enjoy it.

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In Croatia, the story of our company starts in 1996, and in Germany, specifically in Bavaria not far from Munich, far back in 1889. At that time, Josef Anton Meggle, the grandfather of today's owner Toni Meggle, founded a small cheese factory, as it turned out later on, with great potential.

In 1996, Meggle entered the Croatian market through its distribution center and office in Matulji situated at the foot of the Učka mountain. Three years later, production of our products commenced, thanks to cooperation with the Osijek dairy farm IPK Mia from which Meggle Mia d.o.o. was created. At that point, Meggle became part of the Croatian production industry.

In September of 2004, Meggle Mia d.o.o. merged with the dairy farm IPK Mia d.d., with business continuing as one company under the new name of Meggle Osijek d.d. At the end of following year, the production facility at Meggle Osijek d.d. was merged with the sales company Meggle Adria d.o.o., which brings us to the establishment of today's company, Meggle Croatia d.o.o., based in Osijek.

Another great fact is the year 2004, a turning point for our company. It was then that Meggle received an EU veterinary certification for its facility, one of the few dairies in Croatia to do so, and in 2008, it had its quality management system successfully certified for the EU markets, thereby strengthening the export capacity of Croatia.

Meggle Croatia today is the third dairy in Croatia with a long tradition of manufacturing high quality products from best Slavonian milk.

The company Board comprises:
Mr. Marjan Vučak, President of the Board


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MEGGLE Croatia d.o.o. employs about 185 workers of various qualifications, skills and profiles. This means that 36 % of our workers are between the ages of 25 and 40, and notably 21 % have completed higher or university education. Despite the fact that most of our workers are employed in departments covering production, maintenance, transportation, warehousing, where work requires physical effort, notably 37 % of our employees are females, while a total of 50 % of top management are also women.

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MEGGLE Croatia d.o.o.
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10 090 Zagreb, Croatia

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MEGGLE Croatia, dairy industry, a limited liability company
The Company is registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb.

MBS: 040043212
Tax number: 01219022
OIB: 48012167049
Bank: OTP Banka
HR 62 2407000 1100616227
Share capital: 42.969.500,00 HRK paid in full
Company Board: Marjan Vučak, President of the Board